Mexico Energy Services & Savings

Bmark Energy provides Mexico with cleaner energy, the newest technology, and lower energy costs, to help companies reduce their overall energy spend.

Whether transported by air, rail, ship or truck, our energy solutions bring cleaner energy at a lower cost.

Imported U. S. Electricity

Bmark Energy saves companies up to 50% off CFE generation costs.

Companies, located anywhere in Mexico, with minimum 1 MW loads, are eligible.

Smaller companies, located near U.S. border are also eligible.

Imported CNG

(Compressed Natural Gas)

Is your company off the CFE grid and using diesel fuel for electricity generation purposes?

Bmark Energy provides virtual pipelines with low cost CNG direct to your plant.

Eliminate dirty diesel fuel and replace it with clean CNG at a remarkable savings.

On-Site Fueling Via Tube Trailer

An on-site fueling station is just like an ordinary gas station.

Instead of gas or diesel fuel though, you will be filling your car or truck with compressed natural gas (CNG).

A tube trailer is capable of storing thousands of cubic feet of CNG.

Natural Gas – Large Volumes

There is an abundance of natural gas produced in the United States, with major volumes moving into Mexico and LNG international destinations.

Bio Gasoline

Major production and volumes are available for delivery

Bio Diesel

Rail transportation brings supply from production field to delivery point

Crude Oil WTI

Large volumes are available by rail or sea to land locked and seaport terminals.

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