Natural Gas Supply in North America

The United States is awash in natural gas.

For the past twenty-four years, Bmark Energy has been providing the best natural gas solutions through a pool of the best wholesale suppliers with multiple pricing options, and the best purchasing programs, portals, and strategies.

Gas Types Available with Bmark Energy

Natural Gas

Available throughout North America’s pipeline systems.

Bio Gas or RNG (Renewable Natural Gas)

Meets CPUC and EPA transportation requirements for LCSF and RINS, as well as environmental attributes through the attestation process for all other purposes. Currently 2,000,000 MMBtu Bio Gas attributes available for sale.


Liquified Natural Gas for overseas deployment


Compressed Natural Gas for NGV transportation purposes as well as for locations isolated from major transmission pipelines.

Reduce your natural gas costs

With 35 years of natural gas experience in California, we know the market, tariffs, players and suppliers.

Whether your company burns 1,000- 100,000 dth/month you deserve the best service, pricing, and forward projections. Contact us for a brief consult.

Not all suppliers are created equal.

Please visit our Tips-Tricks & Pitfalls to learn how some suppliers game the Core Aggregation Transportation program.

Types of Purchase Pricing Structures

  • Short & Long-Term Pricing
  • Fixed Rate 1-10 years
  • NYMEX, basis, trigger pricing
  • Index with Caps, Collars, Partial hedges
  • Flexible Credit Approvals