Microgrid Solutions

Most importantly: Avoid loss of utility grid power!

The loss of grid power to your business can have devastating results. Organizations are now more concerned than ever about the reliability of their utility power supply, the vulnerability of the power grid, and how best to better secure their utility future, without interruption.

Benefits of Microgrids

Fixed Operational Budget – providing cost certainty

Fees under a managed service offering is fixed and known over the contract term, so budgeting is seamless.

Flexible and Efficient

A system can be created specifically for your business with state of the art technology for onsite battery energy storage and onsite power generation.

Reliability & Resilience.

Modular and redundant power ensures facilities stay powered all the time.

Generation Options

We incorporate a variety of generation options that are 100% renewable for your company’s sustainability considerations.


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microgrid can benefit and protect your company’s future


Avoid loss of utility grid power!

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