Electricity Supply in North America

Electricity charges are one of a company’s highest operating costs.

Our Use Less, Pay Less, Generate Your Own, cost reduction methods & options provided cost saving excellence.

Use Less Energy

The biggest opportunity to lower carbon emissions, and to save money, is to use less energy.

Install low-cost hardware that squeezes out excess usage and excess costs with 3-12% savings. It basically recycles unused energy and places it back into the system.

Pay Less Energy

With lower overall usage, we then squeeze out lower electricity supply rates, via our RFP process, energy exchanges, and Reverse Auctions.

Working with “multiple” power generators, whether sourced by natural gas, coal, hydro, nuclear, or renewable energy groups, as well as RFP, energy exchanges, and reverse auction platforms, squeezes out the excess costs.

With 38 years’ experience, Bmark Energy utilizes its superb supplier network in order to provide the best programs, options, as well as pricing and terms available in the industry

Energy Marketplace

Reverse Auctions pit suppliers to bid “down” their rates in “real time”.
Without cost or obligation.

Pricing Options

A few of our best energy pricing options include:

  • Fixed Rate 1-10 years
  • Pricing Triggers
  • Day Ahead Pricing
  • Variable with CAP Pricing
  • Index with Block Pricing
  • Customized Hybrid Products
  • Green Renewable Products
  • Flexible Credit Approvals

Renewable Energy

Generate Your Own Energy

Utility 24/7 performance is no longer guaranteed, with short term outages becoming more commonplace.

We provide companies with exceptional solutions for Distributed Energy Resources:

Combined Heat & Power (CHP)

Cogeneration with steam / gas turbines.
Improve resiliency, self-reliance & efficiency.
Providing extreme overall energy savings.
Available in CA, US, Mexico & Canada.

Solar & Battery Installations

Lower electricity costs and reduce grid reliance. Generate electricity onsite during the day, drawing upon battery storage with increased demand. Available in CA, US, Mexico & Canada.

Power & Standby Generation

Reliable power generation during utility outages and high-cost utility peak demand periods. Keep your company operational & profitable. Available in CA, US, Mexico & Canada.


Reduced meter reads with savings guaranteed


Squeeze out excess costs with energy market excellence


Become more energy efficient, reliable & resilient to utility challenges.

Contact us to learn how to use less, pay less, and generate your own, to reduce your energy spend.