Electricity Supply in North America

Electricity charges are one of a company’s highest operating costs so low pricing is our top priority.

Working with “multiple” power generators, whether sourced by natural gas, coal, hydro, nuclear, or renewable energy groups, is key.

Bmark Energy utilizes its superb supplier network in order to provide the best programs, options, as well as pricing and terms available in the industry. When coupled with our market intelligence analysts, the pricing and terms provided are simply the best.

A few pricing options include:

  • Fixed Rate 1-10 years
  • Pricing Triggers
  • Day Ahead Pricing
  • Variable with CAP Pricing
  • Index with Block Pricing
  • Customized Hybrid Products
  • Green Renewable Products
  • Flexible Credit Approvals

But there is so much more . . . a lot more!


Grid and generation technologies are changing, providing an array of cost-saving options available to companies.

It starts with a review of your company’s utility & supply invoices. **
Our confidential consultation is free — A normal $500 value.

From these we can lay out an array of offerings:

Direct Access

Lower power pricing (normally 15-25% savings) off utility procurement costs
Applicable for SCE, PG&E and SDG&E business accounts only.

Demand Response Programs

Receive payments for reducing demand upon utility request.

Distributed Energy

Generate your company’s energy. Generate lower costs & greater reliability
Micro turbines, micro generators, fuel cells, solar & storage batteries
Many of these are available with NO OUT of POCKET costs.

Free Distributed Energy (CHP) analysis

Funded by the Department of Energy (DOE)
Demonstrates which options likely work best for your company

Storage Batteries

Reduce utility demand charges and avoid utility outages.

Energy Efficiency Software

Multiple Software available to reduce usage as well as increasing preventive maintenance to reduce down-time.