We help companies save up to 40% off their energy bills. Here is how do it.

Use Less Energy

Electrical Energy Savings

Reduce Your Company’s kWh Usage 10-30%
Easy Install – Average Savings 13-19%

Lighting Retrofits

No up-front cost plans – Savings up to 40%
Easy install. Huge on-going savings.

Demand Response

The Grid/Utility pay to reduce operation during Peak Load – Easy savings up to 25%

Demand Reduction

Reduce HIGH utility Demand Charges, with battery storage.
Easy install. Easy Savings up to 15%

Pay Less for Electricity

Direct Access

CA Companies save 15-40% off Generation Costs.
No cost or obligation. Sign up today!

Electricity Procurement

Providing Low-cost generation and extreme savings up to 20%, to all deregulated utilities

Reverse Auctions & Exchanges

Large volumes power auctions provide savings up to 20%.
No cost or obligation.

Renewable Energy

Renewable electricity (wind & solar)

Pay Less for Natural Gas

Natural Gas Supply

Natural Gas – CNG – LNG. Savings up to 20%.
Supply in all states & all 79 U.S. delivery points.

Renewable Natural Gas

Renewable: Natural gas (RNG) & Certificates
Renewable BioGas, Jet Fuel, Diesel, Military Fuel

Direct Connects

Tap into transmission lines to avoid high
utility costs & create extreme savings.

Virtual Pipelines

Delivering Gas Off-Grid in North America
Rail – Road – Sea solutions.

Generate Your Own

Combined Heat & Power (CHP)

Units are 100 kW to 10 MW

Turbine Generators

Units are 10 MW to 40 MW


0.5 MW – 100 MW units for any size installation

Battery Combinations

0.5 MW – 100 MW units for any size installation

Imagine Cutting 40% Off Your Energy Bill . . .
Every Month. Month After Month.

That’s our goal. Contact us and we’ll get your company saving money quickly.

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