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Natural Gas Supply
Renewable Natural Gas
Biogas Supply Options
Utility Tariff Options
Lower Energy Costs
Energy Funding $1M – $1B

Electricity Supply
Renewable Energy
Lower Demand Charges
Co-generation Installs
Direct Access Sign-up
Solar & Battery Systems

Here is a description for the California Energy options

Energy services available in all 50 states

We have programs & savings available for each of these California utilities.

We have programs & savings available for all states in North America.


Lower Your Power Costs

By utilizing multiple suppliers and 36 years utility experience, we offer a variety of service options, all designed to reduce cost and enhance operations. All rate structures, terms. 100% swing provided.

Natural Gas Supply

Lower Your Gas Costs

The United States is awash in natural gas and is the dominant supplier in the world. Companies can appreciate exceptional pricing & information from our advisory & supply group.

Biogas Supply & Solutions

Biogas Supply is Available

Directed biogas demand far exceeds supply and commands high dollar premiums,  but we do have supply available.

Renewable natural gas attributes help reduce a company’s carbon footprint, for a much lower cost.

CHP & Fuel Cells

Self-Generation to suit your needs

Companies can easily generate their own electricity, greatly reducing their utility dependency for greater reliability and lower electricity costs, normally at 5-6 cents/kWh. Units range in size from 40 kW to 20 MW, many of which can be installed at no charge or with excellent financing.

Battery Storage

Lower Your Utility Demand Charges

We can provide battery/software installations, for those who want to drastically reduce their utility demand charges for extreme cost savings.

Installation is FREE with no up-front charges and there is no disruption to The work environment or production.

Energy Project Funding

The Financial Solution to Suit You

We have a variety of ways to finance your energy project or cogeneration system. Don’t let funding hinder your planning, find out more about the finance packages available to you. Funds available $500,000 to $1 Billion.

Energy Efficiency

Put granular energy at your fingertips

Predictive maintenance, energy efficiency and long term savings. Panoramic provides easy to implement ‘wireless” self-powered sensors providing real-time analytics for one site or multiple sites in the state, continent or world to be monitored 24/7.

Natural Gas Attributes

Renewable Natural Gas Attributes

We provide renewable natural gas attributes which can be attached to a company’s natural gas supply to help meet internal and sustainable goals for companies.

Green companies can now purchase both renewable electricity & renewable natural gas for their operations.

Casting a Wider Energy Net

A wider net brings better solutions

Reach your company’s highest energy potential. Our wider more comprehensive energy net provides the greatest energy options and opportunities.

With Bmark Energy’s assistance, we scored #1 on the Direct Access lottery and saved over $600,000 our first year.

Manuel R.

Plant Manager, Western Tube Los Angeles, CA


Bmark Energy Utilizes the following for
Excellence in Energy Savings

Electricity Suppliers

Natural Gas Suppliers

CHP & Co-Gen Manufacturers

Solar/Battery Installation Groups

Battery Storage Battery Storage Manufacturers

BioGas & RNG Attributes Supply Sources

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