Savings Available

Bmark Energy Lowers Your Natural Gas Costs

We have found that companies normally save 10 to 15% off utility cost of natural gas. This includes the following rates:

GN3,  GM,  G-NGV,  EG,  GTNC, TLS  

Our supply group provides excellent savings and service for manufacturing (commercial, industrial), government, agricultural, greenhouse growers–whether single or multiple sites.

Lock in low-cost fixed rates for a 1-5 year term.


Our supply group (12 suppliers) provides us with the lowest rates.  Call us!

We find better supply rates for 90% of the California companies who contact us!

Looking for Biogas Supply?

Biogas is renewable natural gas in high demand.

Bmark Energy has multiple supply sources of biogas and can help transportation companies locate their supply. But for other industries there is a better way–natural gas attributes.

Renewable Natural Gas Attributes

Renewable Natural Gas Attributes are purchased and attached to a company’s natural gas supply.

Green companies can now purchase renewable electricity and renewable natural gas for their operations.

If you would like to talk about “Attributes” please contact us.

Bmark Energy saves companies 15-35% off their generation costs

All companies receive the exact same utility services and reliability from SDG&E, however those in Direct Access pay much less for their generation costs.  Much less!

Commercial, Industrial, Government accounts can sign up today for future openings.

Cities and municipalities have the green light to participate now.

Contact us today for sign-up and specifics.

We save companies 10-25% off their utility’s demand charges

Ever cringe at the sight of the “demand” charges on your utility invoice? Now there is something you can do about it.

We have battery storage options that are installed:

1- At no cost to your company.

2- With no interruption to your company’s operations.

Reduced demand spikes result in lower demand charges.

Contact us today for specifics.

See your electricity data . . . in real time with easy
plug-in/clip-on software

This helps improve operational performance and increases energy efficiency preventing equipment failure.

Your data is monitored at screen-top locations so you can:

Measure – Analyze – and Act

  • Used for multiple locations – states – countries
  • Is low cost with easy installation – No operational downtime

Cogeneration-Produced Electricity

Save 20, 40 to 100% off utility pricing

Smaller units: From 40-500 kW.

(Smaller units can be installed at NO COST and save 20%.)

Larger units: From 1 MW-20MW

Excellent Cost Savings for hotels, growers, manufacturing, commercial and government operations.

Contact us today for specifics.

Energy Project Funding

Bmark Energy has access to creative financing for energy projects.

Financing for $500,000 to $1B available.

Please call for specifics and confidential discussion

Contact us to learn more, obtain better price quotes,
and reduce your energy spend.

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