Why Bmark?




We provide 38 years of utility and energy purchase experience.

To that we include the cost saving benefits of today’s alternative and distributed energy market options such as:

  • Direct Access
  • On-site self-generation
  • CHP, turbines, solar
  • Battery storage
  • Energy-saving software

In short, Bmark Energy provides companies with energy solutions.

Some solutions are simple energy supplier switches to lower priced energy supply and in some cases supplier refunds due to supplier over-pricing.

Other solutions squeeze high utility related costs, bringing years energy supply that is lower-cost, more reliable, and easily maintained.

Many of these solutions range from a low 40 KW to 10 MW have NO up-front costs, providing immediate cost saving benefits.


Contact us to learn how to use less, pay less, and generate your own, to reduce your energy spend.

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