Imagine Cutting 40% Off Your Electric Bill . . . Every Month. Month After Month.

That’s our goal. Here’s how we do it.

Use Less Energy

There are five key methods that we facilitate to help your business save money

1) Reduce Your Company’s kWh Usage // 10-30% Savings

Install Green Energy Surge Protection & Energy Reduction

Features & Benefits

Available to most companies throughout the U.S.

  • Increases Power Factor
  • Harmonic Correction
  • Surge Protection
  • Increased Equipment Life
  • No Cost & Low Cost,
  • Quick ROI <2 years
  • E-Z install & no down time
  • Average Savings 13-19%

10 Year Replacement Warranty, $2,000,000 Product Liability Insurance, Capacitors increase power quality

EVERY company in the United States should take
advantage of this kWh reduction opportunity.

2) Lighting Retrofits // 8-40% Savings

Low Cost

Huge on-going recurring savings.

No up-front cost plans

Immediate savings

Recurring Savings

The savings continue month after month
Utility Peak Load Reduction with battery storage

3) Reduce Utility Demand Charges // 10-20% Savings

Ever cringe at the sight of the “demand” charges on your utility invoice?

Now there is something you can do about it.

We have battery storage options that are installed:

  1. At no cost to your company.
  2. With no interruption to your company’s operations.

Reduced demand spikes result in lower demand charges.

EVERY company with high fluctuating demand charges should take advantage of this program.

4) Demand Response // 5-10% Savings

  • No Cost – No Obligation
  • Reduced operation during Peak Load
  • Utility pays handsomely for support

5) Effeciency Software // 5-10% Savings

  • Keep your operation running flawlessly
  • Avoid costly repairs and abrupt “downtime”
  • Measure : Analyze : Act : Prevent

Reduce Energy Usage
Works well for: Restaurants, Market Chains, Industrial, Institutional, Commercial, Renewable

Pay Less for Energy