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IT Energy Savings up to 35%

Here’s how to reduce your company’s IT energy spend.

We can help you reduce these costs by 10-35%.
Quickly . . . easily . . . effectively.  Take a peek at these videos:

Cisco EnergyWise Cloud

Introducing Cisco EnergyWise ™

COMPUTER SYSTEMS & DATA CENTERS  – Reduce Energy Consumption.

This software program drastically reduces the energy consumption of computer sytems and data centers, making it an excellent tool for school systemsoffice complexes, medical complexes and government facilities.  No hardware/hardwire makes installation easy.

The Cisco EnergyWise Suite™

Imagine seeing, measuring, and managing all of the energy being used in your company. Just like when you leave work in the evening and you put your computer to sleep, all of your IT equipment goes to sleep when  you leave. Your servers, routers and switches, laptops, monitors, IP phones, wireless access points, printers. You know you’re saving money.

The Cisco EnergyWiseTM Suite helps you see what and where energy is being used. You can measure the usage  and can reduce energy by adjusting the power to match  the amount of work it needs to do. This keeps data  centers running efficiently and cuts energy costs. You  start getting savings in days, not weeks or months. Using  automated features, you’ll see your energy used, wasted,  and saved for every device connected to the network  across your entire enterprise.

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