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We provide companies with the best electricity and natural gas supply services, energy services, and referral services throughout North America. We cast the widest energy net to provide the widest array of energy suppliers and services anywhere . . . at the least cost and greatest savings. Let us show you what we mean.

Do you know that in North America there are:

3400+ utility companies                                
2200+ energy suppliers
1700+ natural gas suppliers
5000+ energy consultants 


Where does that leave your company?  The fact is:

Many companies are simply unaware of the many different energy opportunities available to them. Understanding the larger energy picture and your complete array of energy supplier options creates a better perception for cost saving opportunity. We focus on the wholesale-retail side of the energy equation to improve upon your current utility or energy supply pricing position.

It’s that simple.  When you know more  . . . you do better.

We know energy suppliers.  Some are excellent and some are not so good.

Natural Gas Market

Electricity Market

Types of Purchase Rates & Pricing Structures Types of Purchase Rates & Pricing Structures
  • Lower pricing than your current rate
  • Better terms and supplier options
  • Short & Long Term PricingFixed Rate 1-15 years
  • NYMEX, basis, trigger pricing
  • Index with Caps or Collars
  • Partial hedges – Creative structures
  • Firm / Interruptible or Combination
  • Flexible Credit (A+ to C- to BK)
  • Check with us before you renew

Bio Gas Market

Types of Purchase Structures

  • Long-term agreements for end users
  • Fixed or indexed rates available
  • Helps meet utility renewable mandates
  • RINS (Renewable ID Numbers)
  • RECS (Renewable Energy Credits)
  • Bio Plant Construction for Dairy Farms
  • Feedstock Sources – Power Revenues

Energy Management

Types of Purchase Structures

  • Identify steps to energy efficiency
  • Lighting Retrofits
  • Building & Lighting Automation Controls
  • HVAC & Boiler Upgrades
  • Energy Audits & System Monitoring
  • Auto Demand Response
  • Save More – Use Less – Pay Less
  • Lower pricing than your current rate
  • Better terms and supplier options
  • Fixed Rate terms 1-10 years
  • Pricing triggers – Heat Rate Index
  • Customized hybrid & flexible pricing
  • Renewable energy available
  • Renewable energy credits (RECs)
  • Flexible Credit (A+ to C- to BK)
  • Check with us before you renew

Distributed Generation

Types of Purchase Structures

  • Fuel cells and cogeneration units
  • Greatly reduce energy costs 15-25%
  • Federal & tax credits/rebates
  • Protect against utility blackouts
  • Protect against utility rates increases
  • Power with low-cost long-term natural gas
  • RECS (Renewable Energy Credits)

In short, tell us:

1-Where are you located?

2-What are your energy supply needs?

3-What would you want your energy rates to be?

Bring us your current supplier pricing and we’ll provide you with better terms, better rates and overall better supplier services. If you happen to have the best rate, and energy services, we’ll tell you that too.