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Reduce your Manufacturing Company’s energy bills by as much as 35%!

Manufacturing Companies consume tremendous amounts of energy to stay clean, efficient and safe. They also run at incredibly low margins – which make it difficult for Manufacturing Companies to stay competitive and provide the exceptional care their patients demand.

There are tens of thousands of dollars potentially being evaporated from their operating expenses, as they are overpaying for their energy. We work with Manufacturing Companies to locate any and all potential savings across their energy bills, from Gas, Electric, This One, That One.

The industrial sector accounts for approximately 31 percent of all energy consumption in the United States—consuming just over 21,000 trillion Btu annually—and much of this energy is used for manufacturing processes.

The petroleum and coal subsectors are the largest consumers of energy, accounting for 25% of the entire manufacturing sector’s energy use, followed by Chemicals at 20% percent, paper at 10%, followed by primary metals and food, each at about 5%.

Machine Shops

Using large amounts of electricity and natural gas are the mainstays of energy consumption here.

Steel & Metal Heat Treating

Steel can be heat treated to produce a variety of microstructures and properties. Generally, heat treatment uses phase transformation during heating and cooling to change a microstructure in a solid state. In heat treatment, the processing is most often entirely thermal and modifies only structure. Cooling rates are normally annealing – a slow cooling rate (in air or with a furnace, and quenching which is a fast cooling.

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