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Use Less Energy

Low hanging fruit for every North American company

Pay Less for Energy

Multiple Energy Exchanges
Reverse Auctions & IOT solutions

Full Range Energy Solutions

Working with multiple energy sources to provide comprehensive, custom solutions

Be on the Mark for Your Energy!

Our “use less – pay less – generate your own” approach provides exceptional levels of Energy Excellence and Efficiency

Bmark Energy provides companies with cost-saving solutions for:

Electricity, Renewable Energy, Natural Gas, CNG, LNG, RNG, RNG Attributes & Water.

Our “low-hanging fruit” efficiency methods, as well as hardware and device installations provide low-cost options and energy savings up to 40%.

Our 400+ contacts via energy, brokering, energy exchanges, & reverse auctions provide extreme savings throughout North America.

Our Advantage & Service Areas

Bmark Energy was founded in 1993 when natural gas deregulation had just begun in California, and natural gas was $2.00/mmbtu. With reduced pipeline charges, Bmark Energy alerted thousands of larger California manufacturers to a 20+% savings off utility tariff pricing . . . and the race was on.

As electricity deregulation unfolded, Bmark Energy expanded its energy procurement, consulting and referral operations throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico.

Our goal is to bring the very best energy options, solutions, and cost saving benefits, currently available in the energy marketplace, to companies throughout California, the U.S. and internationally.

We provide our portfolio of energy services to meet all industries and all sizes of operations, whether they are serviced by regulated or deregulated utilities.

Use Less Energy

Install low-cost hardware that squeezes out excess usage and excess costs.

Pay Less Energy

With lower overall usage, we squeeze out lower rates (electricity, natural gas and water).

Generate Your Own Energy

Putting your company’s goals first, allows us to provide the “right” vendor/installer for your project, bringing project confidence and success.

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Efficiency Solutions

Available anywhere in North America

Electrical Energy Savings!!!

Reduce corporate kWh usage 10-30%
Average savings 13-19%
Easy install – low cost – High ROI

“Everyone’s Favorite” – Contact us!

Reduce Water Costs
Reduce usage with savings up to 30%.
Easy valve installation at low cost.
If your company uses water. This is it.

Lighting Retrofits – Savings up 10-25%
Demand Response – Savings 10-20%
Demand Reduction – Batteries 8-20%

Power Solutions

Available in all deregulated utilities

Electricity Procurement

Lower pricing through commodity exchanges 1-10 year terms. Savings 5-30%

Reverse Auctions – On-Line supplier competition drives rates lower for larger volumes. No cost or obligation.

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All Renewable Energy Sourcing

Reduce energy costs immediately

Our 400+ energy sourcing contacts
throughout North America provide
companies with powerful on-grid and
off-grid solutions and savings up to 40%.

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Natural Gas Solutions

Natural Gas Procurement
Delivery to all deregulated states, utilities,
and all 79 Delivery Points in the US.

All Supply: Natural Gas – CNG – LNG

Renewable Gases

  • BioGas
  • Renewable Natural Gas (RNG)
  • RNG Certificates & Attributes
  • Jet Fuel
  • Diesel
  • BioDiesel
  • Military Fuel

Virtual Pipelines: CNG & LNG trucking and storage for Off-Grid Operations

Generate Your Own Power

High electric utility rates & low-cost natural gas point to self-generation solutions. Savings up to 40%.

Small CHP – 50 – 200 kW

Larger CHP – 200 kW to 5 MW units

Larger Turbine – 10 MW to 40 MW

Generators & Turnkey Construction
Provides easy install & opertation

Solar and Battery Combinations

Reduce Your Energy Costs

Bmark’s Certified Energy Procurement Professionals help businesses realize significant cost savings from their current energy supplier.

Simply provide Bmark Energy with a few details about your organization and energy usage, and we will get to work on your organization’s behalf.

Energy Marketplace

An energy procurement solution combining best in class technology with market intelligence.