Electricity Services

In California there is a deregulated hybrid system called “Direct Access” (DA).
Either a company is already in Direct Access or wants to enter into DA.

In either case the process is straight forward. We can lead you to better supplier pricing or the pathway to participation in the Direct Access lottery.


If your company is not in Direct Access (DA), but would like to utilize wholesale electricity pricing to reduce your energy spend, we can help.

It means that you will need to enter/compete in the next CPUC Direct Access lottery. We can lead you through the easy process from start to finish.

Please contact us to get started.


1-If your company is already in Direct Access then you already have an Electricity Service Provider (ESP) and can likely benefit with our Supplier Challenge to help lower your overall costs

Our energy supply wheel will provide excellent solutions.

Electricity Quotes and Services

In California (at last glance there are 28 + Electricity Service Providers

Electricity Quotes Available
for these utilities

  • Southern California Edison (SCE)
  • Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E
  • San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E


  • Type of Pricing Available
  • Float the Day Ahead Rate
  • Fix the Energy component
  • We can fix layers to cost average
  • Partial Hedges – Fix & Float %’s
  • Float or fix all non-energy costs
  • Terms 1-10 years


  • Renewable Energy Certificates
  • Carbon Free Energy Supply
  • Sustainability Pathways
  • Off-sites Solar Power Purchase agreements
  • Hourly Carbon-free Energy Matching

Choose Your Supplier Wisely

Not all suppliers are created equal. In fact, they often fall into categories ranging from Great to Ugly in terms of quality and service.

Are you certain your supplier is the best fit for your company?

It’s crucial for companies to realize that selecting the right supplier can make a substantial difference. Some suppliers offer superior services at lower costs, potentially saving companies thousands of dollars annually.

Explore our Supplier Services Section for more details and take our Supplier Challenge.

The Energy Sales Chain: Wholesale to Retail

Did you know that Natural Gas Suppliers and Electricity Energy service providers purchase wholesale and then deliver at retail costs to you?

There’s often a significant “markup” among some suppliers, leading to unnecessary expenses for your business.

With over 30 years of supplier experience, we specialize in identifying valuable cost-saving opportunities. ensuring you get the best pricing available.

Explore our Supplier Services Section for more details and take our Supplier Challenge.

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