About Us

Bmark Energy was founded in 1993 when deregulation had just begun in California and natural gas was $2.00/mmbtu.  With reduced pipeline charges, Bmark Energy alerted thousands of larger California manufacturers to a 20+% savings off utility tariff pricing . . . and the race was on.

The links www.NaturalGasDeregulation.com  and www.ElectricityDeregulation.com are synonymous with energy savings and both point directly to Bmark Energy which has expanded its energy procurement, consulting and referral operations throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico.

Additionally, as more states and utility service areas have become deregulated, more energy suppliers have also entered the markets.  And while some top notch suppliers provide exceptional service and savings, there are surprisingly many energy suppliers and brokers who provide little, if any, benefit whatsoever.

Our goal is to illustrate the energy options and benefits currently available in the energy market.

With your company’s current rate/term, energy supplier/utility arrangement we then compare your utility vs. supplier options, or supplier vs. supplier options, and your current energy position vs. market projections. There is information most companies desire but cannot obtain elsewhere.

If you have the best energy market rates, we’ll let you know that as well.